City.AI Orange County Chapter

Enabling Diverse and Responsible Development and Application of AI

AI Ecosystem Development

Our chapter strives to grow and develop the Orange County AI ecosystem and connect it to the global AI Community.

Connecting AI Leaders

We empower the community and local AI stakeholders to align on and leverage each other's activities.

Awareness and Education

Ambassadors host networking and workshop events with various members in the local AI ecosystem.

Expert Ambassadors

Orange County AI leaders guide the chapter to discuss innovative, relevant trends shaping our local business and technology community.

Global Non-Profit

City.AI has emerged into the world’s leading non-profit connecting the AI community globally and supporting local AI ecosystems to develop further.

Our Mission

Democratize the design, development, and use of AI so business and community organizations can apply it in a responsible, impactful way.


Michael Ashley

Owner, Creative Content Specialist

INK Wordsmiths

Ravnish Bhalla

Chief Executive Officer


Al Brown

SVP, Engineering, Data Science & Architecture

Veritone, Inc.

Vernon Colaco



Michelle Gharib

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Swift Engineering Inc.

Sara Govindarajan

Vice President, GTO

Mattel, Inc.

Joseph K. Hopkins

Founder and Senior Managing Partner


Samantha McDermott

Strategic Advisor & Managing Director

SaJo Advisors

John Morgan

Marketing Coordinator


Martin Prescher

Founder & Managing Director - Consumer Finance Innovation Center


Neil Sahota

Chief Innovation Officer

University of California, Irvine School of Law

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